Use the form below to order a Zero Rides Trip: electric vehicle with return ride. All proceeds/tips are dedicated for Santa Barbara's Zero Rides electric vehicle pool.

Your Zero ride will be confirmed via email when recieved, with a confirmation text message 45 minutes before ride, and 10 minute arrival verification. Rides in Santa Barbara area only for launch. Rest of the world to follow.

All ride proceeds will help build the busines model with a full-fledged app that will expand with on-demand rides and full-fledged transit model. Zero Rides is part of an incredible story, and (Ben here) I can't wait to tell it. Thanks for being part of it!

Live, local phone support is available for all customers! Because we live here too.

Sche Pricing guide:
Earn priority pickup points. Pro-community Priority rides for healthcare and essencial workers. Free rides for senior citizens.